When we started to breed samoyeds we felt gentleness, warmness and positive emotions. Then we started to think how to give this emotions to other people who really need this emotions and make their lifes at least better at that moment.

Since 2012 years we strated to attend orphanages, retirement homes, blind and impaired people. As we saw that „patients“ were happier after our visits, so then we wanted to get information as much as we can. We went to many seminars. And we belong to a group, Help Center of Canitherapy.

At year 2014, in Slovakia, three our breeding dogs passed canitheraphy tests:

  • Klajoklių šuo Dunaj of Benji
  • Klajoklių šuo Detva of Bnji
  • Klajoklių šuo Funky Amigo of Webmaster

In camp, which was organized by Lithuanian Cynology Association, I passed canitherapy assintant certificate and also early socialization trainer certificate.

Our kennel purpose – to breed as much as we can socialized and canitheraphy puppies.

Samoyeds live with people and for people, so we can use this for good reasons.


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