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Kennel “Klajoklių šuo”

“Klajokliu suo” is a newly established and FCI registered (24.02.2009) Samoyed kennel, that has been started with our sammies: Orgitta from Lazurito Mene, White Aurora Kyra and Sonata Arctica Xathur Dexterson. All our Samoyeds live with us in family house in small town Lapes close to Kaunas. All our dogs have a lot of space to play and run outside in the yard and they all spend majority of their time outdoors.
We did not have plans to breed Samoyeds obtaining our first sammy girl Orgitta, but after a while we have decided to get another Samoyed girl to keep her company and that’s how Kyra joined our family.
When we decided to breed Samoyeds, it has appeared that it’s not easy to find a good mate for our sammy girls – as majority of Samoyeds in Lithuania come from the same bloodlines and are related. That has given us an idea to get a Samoyed boy – as Samoyeds are like candies – you can never get enough of them. After a thorough research we have found our beautiful sammy boy in excellent Polish kennel Sonata Arctica. After our Samoyed team has been completed, we registered a kennel.
In our kennel we aim form ultimate well being and socialization of our dogs and excellent quality puppies.
Our kennel is a registered member of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and Lithuanian Cynology Society (LKD) member
Welcome to our webpage and wish you pleasant browsing thru our page.

Dalia Mickienė

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